Become a Lake Pro Guide

Lake Pro Guides & Tackle offers 3 benefit programs for fishing guides:

The “Do Nothing” Discount

All you have to do is sign up and show that you operate a fishing guide business and you’ll qualify for 15% off tackle and 20% off rods and reels from Lake Pro Tackle. We will give you a delivered price that is guaranteed to beat any online competitor prior to placing your order. Submit your application at and, once approved, we’ll send you instructions on how to place your orders.

The Lake Pro Scout

As a Scout you will qualify for 15% off tackle, 20% off reels, and 25% off rods. We will also give you a $5 in-store credit for each weekly phone report you make. If you complete a report for each week of the month, we will add another $5 store credit as a bonus! We will work with you to stock any special inventory needs, so we will always have your lures in stock and ready to ship at a guaranteed best price. Apply using the form below and we’ll email you a phone number so you can call in a sample Scouting Report.

The Lake Pro Guide

As a Guide you will qualify to save 20% off tackle, 25% off reels, and 30% off rods. You will be compensated monthly for making weekly video reports plus receive additional compensation based on the number of your reports that sell on a weekly basis. You will also be given the opportunity to help design custom lures branded with your name for your lake. Use the form below to apply or email

Additional benefits for contributing guides:

Scout Reporting

As a Lake Pro Scout, you’ll call in a weekly report. The report should include an overview of the lake conditions with general areas and general lure types that have been producing catches, including what you think will be working for the upcoming weekend, taking into account any impending weather changes. You can mention the name of your guide service and your voice recording will be made available as a free podcast to the general public on

Guide Reporting

We aren't looking for your “secret spot.” We are looking for you to help other anglers have a better fishing experience on your lake. To accomplish this, you'll need to post 5 short videos a week, averaging 30-45 seconds in length, detailing the following about each pin location:

You'll also identify 5 lures from your list that are your go-to for the week. Once you're set up as a Lake Pro Guide, all this will take about 45 minutes each week.

What You'll Need to Join the Team

In order to accomplish your reporting, there are a few things you'll need:

You don't need to always “shoot” your report in the same location, and it doesn't have to be inside, but it does have to be family-friendly, free from any advertisement of any kind, and quiet enough that the audio is crystal clear.

How to apply

To apply for the “Do Nothing” Discount, please visit and apply there. To apply to become a Lake Pro Scout, just fill in the required fields in the form below. To apply to become a Lake Pro Guide, please also include a short sample video. Once your application has been reviewed, our Guide Recruiter will be in touch.

Apply to Become a Lake Pro Guide

At a minimum, please provide your experience with your lake and species, and any special catches you’d like to share. If you’d like, also tell the reader more about yourself. Maybe provide a Sample Bio:

Please watch this video, and follow the outline of this sample report when recording your audition report.

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Video Upload Recommendations
Video Length: 0-60 seconds per video (site will not accept files that are more than 200 megs)
Video Formats: mp4, x-mpegURL, MP2T, 3gpp, quicktime/.mov, x-msvideo, x-ms-wmv, ogg, webm
Video Upload Method: preferably a desktop computer with hard-line access, but mobile is acceptable, just make sure you have a good connection and remain stationary