On Demand Fishing Reports

Each Lake Pro Guide Fishing Report includes:

  • As many as five pins on a lake map showing where the fish are.
  • A short video for each pin detailing water depth and temperature, and weather conditions that could affect the spot being fished.
  • A detailed list of the lures the fish are hitting on this week.
  • A description of the techniques that proved successful for the guide.

Purchase reports as you need them, on-demand, without the hassle of scheduling, and the report will be accessible in the palm of your hand (via your phone) for 30 days. Or, become a registered user, and the reports will be stored in "my stuff" for 90 days.

With access to these reports and the selection of go-to-lures, you can hit the same locations and use the same tackle and techniques as the guide to put fish in your boat.

Reports are published every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. When you purchase a lake report, you will receive a full fishing lure list for that lake in your confirmation email.

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