Ander Meine

Ander Meine is the owner of Bassquatch Fishing, a guide service in which he offers guided trips to 11 different lakes in the Austin area. He has 30+ years of fishing experience and 18+ years of competitive tournament fishing experience. Having lived in several different states throughout the west in his life has given Ander an opportunity to fish and understand a wide array of bodies of water from the tidal waters of the California Delta to the ultra deep, clear waters of Lake Mead in Nevada. He also has years of experience with fishing for all three of the primary black bass species: Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass. Ander has been fishing Texas waters for over 10 years now and feels right at home finding and catching monster Texas bass. Versatility in his angling styles is likely Ander's greatest asset.

Favorite Lure: Frogs

Species: Largemouth Bass

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