Austin Purdom

I am a 24 year old outdoor enthusiast! I grew up right here in North Texas on Lake Texoma. The fishing here on Lake Texoma is phenomenal for all species, which is what created my passion for bass fishing. I have been boating and tournament angling since 16, and that has brought me a lot of success ranging from several AOY wins, to multiple championship wins. But it’s not about how many wins, it’s about all the losses and what you learn to get there. If you are looking to become a better fisherman, or simply want to see how I break down areas that I fish, you are looking in the right place.

Favorite Lure: Spinnerbait

Species: Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing on Lake Texoma This Week: Scouting Report Nov. 7th: It's getting cold and I'm predicting it to get even colder water temps are starting to drop and I don't see them getting any warmer. The Bite starting slow down just a little bit but, you know certain areas of the lake you get some smallmouth activity and it's just starting to heat up. Be safe out there guys wear you kill switch and good luck.

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Tim Cline

Tim grew up in North Texas fishing Lake Texoma and other Lakes in the DFW area. His wife Heather can vouch that his passion for fishing is second to no one. Tim graduated from South Eastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Mathematics, and currently works in the engineering department for the City of Sherman, where he lives. Tim is a year-round fisherman and guides for Bass, Striper, crappie, and blue catfish on the great Texoma. He has had a very successful local and regional bass tournament career winning multiple angler of the year titles and placing top 5 of several major events. Tim attributes much of his success to his hard work ethic, and refuses to let anyone on the water out work him. However, what Tim enjoys most is taking other people fishing and teaching them what he knows about catching fish.

Favorite Lure: Swimbaits

Species: Striper

Bass Fishing on Lake Texoma This Week: Scouting Report Nov. 7th: Water temperature is finally dipped down to 60 and below in a few places. It's time to get up here and get in on this fall fishing, the lakes in great shape to get out there. You can pretty much find birds working just about anywhere you go to some degree. Get your binoculars, so you can find them just be courteous and watch other boats and be safe out there. Be sure and bring plenty of clothes with you to stay warm through the cold fronts.

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