Carey Thorn

Carey Thorn, has been a fishing fanatic since his early years when his grandfather took him out and taught him the ropes. Currently, Carey estimates spending approximately 300 days per year as a fishing guide in Texas and Oklahoma, or on his own searching for a better spot on the water, and improving his technique. Carey is driven by the need to put lots of great fish on the lines of his fishing clients every time they hit the water. The biggest difference in the fishing guide service Carey offers, however, is the time he will spend with you making sure you have the ability to go out on your own sometime in the future… and get into plenty of nice fish.

Favorite Lure: Jig

Species: White Bass

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Published every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. by guides who are on the water nearly every day, these scouting reports provide a general overview of the fishing conditions for the coming weekend.