Marco Vaca

Marco Vaca has been a fisherman for more than twenty-five years, and for someone in his early thirties, that is impressive. Marco has travelled the country for more than a decade fishing and searching for trophy-class fish in a variety of species. But, his true passion is hunting the fish that fights harder, strikes faster, and bends a rod deeper, the bass! What makes Marco different from most fisherman is his willingness to teach anyone to become a better fisherman. When everyone else was hiding away their tactics and strategies, Marco was giving anglers of all skill levels around the country an in-depth look at the techniques a world-class bass angler uses to catch more and bigger fish.

Favorite Lure: Swimbaits

Species: Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing on Lake Murray This Week: Scouting Report Nov. 7th: The lake looks like it is turning over and the water is cooling off. The water temps are in the high 50s. The bass fishing is tough and slow. The crappie has turned on and the sandbass are moving out to the middle of the lake.

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