Marc Mitchell

Marc has been a guide on Lake Fork since 1982. I was very fortunate to visually see and fish the area before it became Lake Fork, having been around it most of my life. Through hunting and fishing the area before Lake Fork came to be has helped me tremendously in my guide service, with the knowledge that maps do not show.

Favorite Lure: Buzzbaits

Species: Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing on Lake Fork This Week: Scouting Report Nov. 7th: The cold fronts is starting to make the lakes trying to finish turning over. It has turned over in most places, off some of the deeper spots and if not turned over completely yet. But in the process, water temperatures in the low 60s and are probably going to drop below that in the next few days. We got another cold front coming back. We are still fishing up shallow in 2 to 6 feet of water. Then the out little deeper in 8 to 15 foot of water on the drop-offs and sometimes around the creek channels. Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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