Marc Mitchell

Marc has been a guide on Lake Fork since 1982. I was very fortunate to visually see and fish the area before it became Lake Fork, having been around it most of my life. Through hunting and fishing the area before Lake Fork came to be has helped me tremendously in my guide service, with the knowledge that maps do not show.

Favorite Lure: Buzzbaits

Species: Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing on Lake Fork This Week: Stay in the shallow in the morning around 9:30AM and then move out in the deep water and drop offs. In the heat of the heat of the day focus on the middle in the humps and underwater ridges and pitch your square bills. Water temps are mid-80s to high 80s in the heat of the day. Watch for schooling fish to throw your worms and cranks but stick to the shallow water in the morning with your worms. Good Luck and good fishing!

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